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If you are looking to hand in your notice to move out, please read through the items below carefully, then fill in your details in the form underneath.

To ensure you get your deposit returned in full, please make sure you leave your home clean, empty and in good condition. We may charge you if we have to remove any items which have been left behind, this will be deducted from your deposit. You must make sure that all fixtures and fittings are left intact. If there are any broken or missing items you may also be charged for replacing them. Please DO NOT have any of the services disconnected. Please also arrange for the redirection of any incoming mail as we cannot assure that mail will be forwarded to you after your departure

We will use the inventory completed when you moved into the property to determine whether money needs to be deducted. If you would like a copy of your inventory, please let the Tenancy Manager know who will be in touch to arrange your move out appointment or alternatively request this in the ‘Additional notes’ section below.

We will use your notice period to advertise your property to potential applicants. You may be required to conduct viewings on our behalf; however we will always check availability with you first and provide notice.

Depending on your notice period, we may be able to keep you in the property. Contact us to discuss as this will be on an individual case by case basis.

Once you hand your notice in we will be in touch to arrange your check-out date. We will meet you at the property at a set time to perform a report, you may be required to stay at the property while this is being carried out, as our inventory / check-out clerk may have some questions. You will be required to sign the report.

Don’t panic! Your deposit is safely held within the Deposit Protection Scheme, once we have completed your check-out report we share the findings with your landlord, it usually takes around 3-5 working days to receive a reply on whether they wish to make deductions.

The next stage is then releasing your deposit, you will receive an email from the Deposit Protection Scheme where you will be able to release your deposit in full as long as your check-out report has been approved by your landlord, however if the report shows issues with how the property has been left, you will potentially have deductions taken from your deposit. If you feel you’re not responsible for the issues reported, you can dispute this through the Deposit Protection Scheme. If you accept the offer your money will drop into your bank account within 5 to 10 working days.

We can provide recommendations for companies that can help facilitate your move. Alternatively, there are helpful members of our team on hand to provide support and advice.

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